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Creative Coding · Creative Coding: “Creative Coding Hi, I’m Allison Parrish. These are notes that I originally prepared for the section of Creative Coding that I taught at NYU’s IDM program in 2015. (Here’s the syllabusJ for my section.) More recently I’ve been using the notes to teach several sections of Introduction to Computational Media at NYU’s ITP program. The notes should be of interest specifically to anyone who wants to learn interactive programming with JavaScript, and in particular people who are learning p5.js.


Education · processing/p5.js Wiki

Education · processing/p5.js Wiki:

“This is a place for p5.js related teaching resources — links to syllabi, workshop materials, helper tools for teaching / classroom. Feel free to add things you create here (just click the ‘Edit’ button). For examples and demos without related syllabi or teaching materials please see the contributed tools page.