Google Forms Spotlight: Formative Assessment Checklists – Class Tech Tips

Google Forms Spotlight: Formative Assessment Checklists – Class Tech Tips:

“The example on this post is a Math Checklist.  It shows how you can combine a short text response (objective) with a grid (rows and columns with student name and level of mastery) and with a paragraph text response (extra notes).  When you open up this form each day you can type in the objective and note student performance.  All of the information pops up in the spreadsheet shown below with a time stamp.”


Bits, Bytes, Building With Binary – basecs – Medium

Bits, Bytes, Building With Binary – basecs – Medium:

“Bits, Bytes, Building With Binary If you work with computers (or even if you don’t!), there’s a good chance that you’ve heard people talk about computers as just ‘a bunch of ones and zeros’. This was one of the few things I knew about computers before I got into software: it’s all just ones and zeros. It was only after I learned to code and started programming professionally that I realized what that really meant. Yes, computers run on ones and zeros. It’s definitely a bit more complicated than that, but it’s not so complicated that we can’t understand it!


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Beautiful Free Images | Unsplash: “

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