Monday, Aug 26, 2016 – Web Design

The purpose of this lesson is to begin considering what makes a high-quality website. As a group, we will explore questions such as these:

  • Why do you feel that some websites are good?
  • Why do you feel that some websites are not so good?
  • Answer these questions on google classroom
  • Worst Websites Link
  • Do others agree with your opinion?
  • Does anyone disagree?
  • Who is the target audience for a particular site?
  • How might website quality be judged differently across different audiences?
  • Are there some qualities of websites that all audiences would agree are good? What are these qualities?


Choose a website to visit and rate it using the Website Evaluation form

Lesson Goals

At the completion of this exercise:

  • you will be able to critically evaluate web sites based on purpose, design and usability.
  • you will be able to identify the major criteria that experts use to evaluate web sites and apply those criteria to your own evaluations.

Monday, Aug 29, 2016 – Graphic Design

Coloring Pages

Today we are going to open Photoshop and do some basic image editing.

Open Google Classroom to view your assignment

Lesson Goals

Students will know how to use the paintbrush, hand, eyedropper, text, and zoom tools in Photoshop.

Students will be able to explain the advantage of using multiple layers in Photoshop.

Friday, Aug 26, 2016

Safety Test Today

Link to Safety Test

Seating Chart Day

After the test, we will create a new seating chart.

Group Picture

After we get our new seats, we are going to take a class picture.


Lesson Goals

You will be able to:

  • define general safety terms and procedures
  • describe hazards
  • describe evacuation procedures
  • describe good computer ergonomics.