Tuesday, Aug 30, 2016 – VidPro

What is required to make a movie

Finish your list of everything you would need or need to do to create a major motion picture. Your list needs to have at least 50 items.

Production Phases

Classify your list according to these categories. 

  • Preproduction
  • Production
  • Post-production
The Production Sequence http://www.cybercollege.com/tvp004.htm 

Production Jobs

Lesson Goals

  • Students will explain the responsibilities of each production staff position.
  • Students will recall the activities in each step of a production workflow.
  • At the end of this lesson, students will understand the 3 phases of video production.

Tuesday, Aug 30, 2016 – Web Design


Choose a website to visit and rate it using the Website Evaluation form on Google Classroom.

Lesson Goals

At the completion of this exercise:

  • you will be able to critically evaluate web sites based on purpose, design and usability.
  • you will be able to identify the major criteria that experts use to evaluate web sites and apply those criteria to your own evaluations.